The union of two creative prodigies: Nisha & Sangeet!

What do you think will happen when an event planner who is also a choreographer decides to marry a screenplay writer? MAGIC, of course! Every moment of their journey together is destined to be as perfect as a Kjo’s movie, especially their wedding! But, let’s get to their wedding later. (it’s yet to happen, FYI!)

We recently got the opportunity to do a pre-wedding shoot for the dynamic duo- Nisha and Sangeet! Not only did we do many different theme based looks to bring out their personalities, but we also shot with Nisha’s adorable puppy, RIO!

So, we went to this place called Big Red Tent in Karnala, it’s such a perfect spot for a couple’s shoot as it has luscious green gardens! We started with a vintage date theme, Nisha in a cute polka-skater dress and Sangeet in suspenders and a bow tie. Along with a few props that bound the whole vintage feel together, extremely beautifully!

The quaint vintage date was soon followed by some crazy fun with a balloon fight, bringing out their childlike persona!

Moving on, we did a sequence with a football as Sangeet is a massive football fan and well, Nisha has to deal with him being glued to the TV on weekends for the rest of her life! (We’re sure she’s used to it by now) And like all football fans, he’s also a big time gamer, we covered that as well!

Apart from football and gaming, food is Sangeet’s another passion, and just like Joey, Sangeet doesn’t share food too. Here’s proof!

And, without an elegant gown, how could we finish Nisha’s fairytale love story? So here’s our lady in red, with her Mr. Charming in formals! We were just a few shots down, and it started pouring! But, we didn’t let it dampen our spirits. We went ahead and made use of the rain like a boss with back flashlight and what not! No, we don’t believe in modesty here, because we blew our couple’s minds! The rain shots were actually their most loved ones! So, no matter whatever be the situation, we kill it!

We couldn’t get enough of these two, seriously, so we decided to do a ‘trash the look’ too! The pictures will speak for themselves, we don’t need to tell you what the theme means.

We’re signing off for now, but, we’re already dreaming about shooting these two again, and this time, for their wedding!

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