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Rohan & Ritika’s Cocktail Craziness!

Cocktails played cupid for Rohan & Ritika! They met early last year at a mutual friend’s cocktail party, and after eyeing each other the whole evening, they finally exchanged numbers while leaving! What followed was a night full of conversations and dates in the coming weeks! And before they knew it, they were getting married by the end of 2016. So, when the time came for hosting their own cocktail party, they ensured it was a night to remember!

Cocktail Party Theme

Kino’s Cottage at Versova, Mumbai served as a charmingly offbeat venue, with its pebbled pathways and wood-carved furniture, stone arches which forms the dance cave; and stepping outside in the lawn, you soak in the serene ambience of being right by the beach.

Kino's Cottage

Beach facing Kino's cottage

Cocktail parties and dance floors in general often get too dark to shoot, and the dizzying sharpies and LED lights aren’t that photo friendly either… but using an off-camera flash trigger speedlight setup that we’ve mastered over the course of the past few wedding seasons, we set out to create crisp visuals by adding some dramatic lighting to the environment. The end result was these fun set of images that you see below, which perfectly capture the energy and madness of the night!

Cocktail party fun (1)Cocktail party fun (2)Cocktail party fun (3)Cocktail party fun (4)Cocktail party fun (5)Cocktail party fun (6)Cocktail party fun (7)Cocktail party fun (8)Cocktail party fun (9)

Right from creating the personalized memes of friends for the ‘Wall of Shame’ to the alcoholic cake, Rohan & Ritika left no stone unturned to ensure that their friends have a great time. And it was surely a mad crazy party overall! What better way to celebrate the start of their wedding festivities than by having a fun night out with your besties! After all, no one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they had plenty of sleep… it’s the crazy nights which make the best memories! 🙂

R & R' (23)SBTa_09.12.16 (78)SBTa_09.12.16 (174)SBTa_09.12.16 (217)SBTa_09.12.16 (222)SBTa_09.12.16 (234)SBTa_09.12.16 (310)SBTa_09.12.16 (338)SBTa_09.12.16 (359)SBTa_09.12.16 (364)SBTa_09.12.16 (434)SBTa_09.12.16 (479)SBTa_09.12.16 (489)SBTra_09.12.16 (176)Untitled-3 copy

P.S: In case you’re wondering whether there were any new love stories that bloomed during this cocktail as well, we’re with you on that! Guess we’ll have to wait and watch.

SBTa_09.12.16 (172)SBTa_09.12.16 (316)SBTa_09.12.16 (371)SBTa_09.12.16 (453)SBTra_09.12.16 (210)SBTa_09.12.16 (215)SBTa_09.12.16 (281)SBTa_09.12.16 (289)SBTa_09.12.16 (262)

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