Kripa & Moksha

Kripa & Moksh’s parents knew each other for a long time and an innocent dinner plan got Kripa & Moksh into talking about their lives, careers and interests. Soon they got hooked on talking to each other and once, when Moksh was travelling to Goa, Kripa couldn’t help but wanted him to come back soon and she expressed her feelings. Much to the joy of their parents, they were ready to take a leap of faith and get married.

Kripa said, growing up watching Disney and Karan Johar movies with hopeless romances & happily ever afters, she was always excited about getting married. In my head, my wedding would be no less than a Bollywood set from a Karan Johar movie and I’d finally play the quintessential bride of my dreams!  Underneath the colour and glamour we had a volcano of emotions flowing through the wedding, so with this wedding showcase we went all black & whites to depict these emotions in the best possible manner and also an ode to an era of black & white photography.

This wedding truly had a royal regal feel attached as the ceremony happened in the grand courtyard area of the Grand Hyatt Jaipur Hotel.

Also, Reception turned into a concept opening act as a stunning spectacle was broadcast on the facade of Hyatt Jaipur via 3d mapping technology followed by a wild performance by Gurdeep Mehendi.

The Wedding Makers:


Wedding Planners: Zesst Events & Weddings;

Choreography: Kartik Mohan Productions;

Venue: Hyatt Regency Jaipur;

Performers: V4OnceMore Band, Swaryug Fusion Band, Chickeen Masala Band, DJ Ankit, Rajasthani Roots Band, Gurdeep Mehendi;

Make up & hair artist: Ritika Bhatia, Anita Shil, Rhea Nagpal, Anisha Nagpal;

Bride Outfits: Bride’s Myra: Amit Aggarwal
Carnival: Khokee
Sangeet: Sulakshana Monga
Celebration Night: Bhawna Rao;

Groom’s Outfit:
Carnival: Label J
Groom’s Myra: Kora
Sangeet: Sarah & Sandeep
Phera: Label J
Celebration Night: Just Men;

Photography & Cinematography: SeventybyTwo Wedding Stories