DESI SWAG or GLAMOUR – What’s your Style ???

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Meet Dhanasharee & Nilesh, they’re one of our coolest couples yet. She is from Nagpur although currently pursuing her MBA from Mumbai and he is from Surat. Theirs is an arranged match and almost the entire wedding is planned by their families including the wedding photographers, which by the way isn’t us! Now, you must be wondering why we are talking about them!

Well, we were wondered too initially until Dhanashree & Nilesh told us how they found us on our social media and loved our work! They met us at a cafe and told us how they love the kind of photography style we have and the way we execute it! So, we readily agreed to do their pre-wedding shoot which turned out to be full of glamour and quirk!

Before we dive into the shoot, here’s a little background about the couple for you to understand the pictures a little better! They’re both the perfect example of ‘opposites attract’. He’s an introvert while she’s an extrovert, they’re poles apart in many ways yet, so compatible, it’s unreal! He loves calmness and often finds himself at the beach, enjoying a sense of calm, while she’s a kathak dancer who loves rock music and not to forget a state level badminton player too.

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Moving on to the themes! Keeping in mind how different and strong these two personalities were, we had to show the contrast between the two, striking the right balance was our main motive. Our in-house creative team came up with the idea ‘Desi-Swag’, which basically would portray how she’s extremely sporty yet could be brought home to meet with your family! And looking at how saturated the entire pre-wedding shoot scenario is, we’re always on the lookout for doing something out of the box, and like we mentioned Dhanashree & Nilesh were like destined to be with us! They were apprehensive initially but eventually surrendered to our creative vision, for which we cannot thank them enough! Just look at these pictures, they’re a visual delight with such great imagery! And because she wanted a dreamy sequence as well, we added the glamour look for their pre-wedding shoot.

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We often have meetings prior to the shoot to finalize the outfits as with the right styling and outfit, the shoot comes together like a melodious orchestra! So, for this shoot as well, our in-house stylist went on a shopping spree with Dhanashree and bought the needed pieces, but what we must tell you about is that gorgeous white dress which our stylist revamped by adding layers of extra fabric to make it look like a couture gown for the glamour look.

SBT (7)SBT (4)SBT (6)While the green Indian dress was a rather conventional choice, it was made quirkier by styling it with a leather jacket and sneakers. The jewellery was from Cuts N Stones by Foram Shah and it played an important role in giving the entire look a bold touch. And finally, the props only took everything a notch higher!

Now jumping into the process of selecting a location! Since we wanted a very rugged yet vintage, very natural but still has a sense of being lost into the woods, we drove to this beach 2 hours away from Bombay! If you wanna know more, you have to call us!

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Summing up the entire shoot:

Time for the Makeover: The couple had never posed in front of the cameras and had never been styled the way we did them. But they showed great amount of trust in our in-house stylist, and having her on board made all the difference. You can totally see her magic in Dhanashree’s transformation!

Let the Magic Begin: The groom was a little shy at the start but became comfortable soon after seeing some glamour shots of himself. We kept showing them how well they were doing and with this, their confidence grew and their faith in us too! We always ensure that the vibe during a shoot is very chilled out and our jokes come to our rescue! This eases everyone and the shoot becomes a fun-time too!

And it’s a Wrap!: It was a challenge for us to get such dramatic, almost editorial worthy shots out of an everyday couple who has never posed in front of a camera let alone, posing like models. But, like always we enjoyed this challenge and now that we look at these pictures, there’s a sense of accomplishment with a whole lot of satisfaction!
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Until our next story, stay tuned!

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