11 Unique Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas

Gone are the days when you only got clicked at parties or holidays. We’re in an era of selfies, where we get clicked almost every day! So, when you’re getting married a Pre-wedding shoot is bound to take place and these days pre-wedding shoots are on everyone’s minds! Whether or not you’re getting married, we’re certain you’ve seen many pre-wedding shoots on your Facebook and Instagram!

Pre-wedding shoots are extremely fun and the best is you get to be comfortable with your photographers and cameras, which in turn makes sure that you’re not conscious posing on the day of your wedding and have brilliant memories captured for a lifetime!

If you’re planning a pre-wedding shoot, here are some themes for your inspiration:


1. Music Everywhere: If you or your partner are passionate about music like Smita & Viresh here, this could be an excellent theme for you to incorporate not only your passion but also how music made you two get married! For Smita & Viresh we had entire musical set-up at an outdoor location. Our team came up with this concept after knowing the couple & their passion for music.



2. Let’s Get Fit: If you’re a fitness enthusiast like our Bride Smita, then this theme is perfect for you to bring out your persona in your pre-wedding shoot. This was a playful them where we tried to show how a couple that exercises together, stays (fit & happy) together.



3. Videogame/ Sports related: Like most men, Sangeet, our groom is a die-hard sports fan and a videogame lover! Football & PS being his go-to entertainment options! So in a theme like these pictures we tried to capture his hobbies and Nisha, his bride was super supportive and played along. Shows how she will be his life partner cum player for the rest of his life! Must try if you’re into either of the things!



4. Career Oriented: Make your career a part of your pre-wedding! For instance we have Ricky, who’s an architect and Saloni was extremely proud of his work, so we decided to have this architecture based shoot at one of Ricky’s sites. We tried to capture how excited Saloni was to understand the nitty-gritty of architecture and the architect of her life, Ricky himself!



5. By the Beach: While drone shots of the couple lying in heart-shaped sand designs are getting super redundant, we decided to do something to break the monotony and come up with an entire set of our own right at the beach! Our in-house art direction team came up with this lovely set design, we carried all the props from Mumbai to Umbergaon and did this entire classy set-up ourselves! Yes, clearly we do a lot more than just photography!


nisha sangeet copy

6. Trash the Dress: Everyone loves a perfect picture but we totally suggest winding up your photoshoot with a “trash the dress” theme. It’s so quirky and fun-filled; you’ll remember these moments as you trash each other’s outfits. How often do we do that anyway? And the best part for us as a photography team was seeing this lovely couple fighting, cuddling & making each other look as worst as they could!



7. Comic Strips: If you’ve always loved comics, then this one’s apt for you! These pictures were candid shots that we captured and later turned them into something that they’d cherish for a lifetime. Also, this was a gift for his bride as he left the country right after their engagement! Sweet isn’t it? With a little bit of planning, this is possible and is sure to make your better half smile!



8. Spoofy Superhero: Believe it or not, you are the super hero of her life; after all she has agreed to marry you! Likewise, for Tanvi, Aniruddh is nothing less than a superhero! From being there for her at anytime of the day to being there with her at all times, this was a sweet brief for us and I think we nailed it!



9. Board Games: This couple loves board games and so while shooting, we simply let them play and did our job of capturing some fun candid shots! If you and your partner enjoy board games, this theme could be incorporated in your pre-wedding very effortlessly



10. Office Romance: Do we really need to state the obvious that this was an office love story?! If you met your partner at your office too, all we need is a permission to shoot at your office!



11. Fun with Family: This was our first one yet. As the name suggests, it was not just a couple shoot, we had their immediate family take part in the shoot as well and it goes without saying, this was fun and so unique! If your families are also as enthusiastic about a shoot, then include them in your pre-wedding shoot as well!

We hope these pictures have inspired you to incorporate your personalities into your pre-wedding shoot! Trust us; you’ll enjoy a photoshoot that connects with you, and will always look back at the pictures with a smile, just like all these couples!


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